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Stress Management for Corporates

Stress Management for Corporates These are customized, packaged courses for corporates aimed at de-stressing, improving work productivity and overall fitness on a continuous basis by learning basic techniques of breathing, meditation, stretching and yogic kriyas for cleansing and de-toxifying the system. We have conducted such workshops for Sahara Airlines, Hindustan Levers, Ogilvy and Mather, etc.

In a highly competitive world today, Stress in the workplace can lower the productivity, reduce employee moral, and lead to various psychosomatic ailments. The Yoga Stress Management Program principally teaches you how to relax and de-stress both, physically and mentally.

Various yogic techniques i.e postures, breath control exercises (pranayama), meditational techniques, kriyas for body purification etc alleviate and curb stress related problems; including depression, sleeplessness, anxiety disorders, headaches, body pains, low energy levels, or inability to focus on one's work etc.

Our Stress Management Workshops are designed to cater to specific objectives of Corporates; from sessions on understanding Stress, to learning how to cope with it. So an individual can improve his/her personal and professional productivity.

In today's era of globalization where there is a lot of competition, innovation and change, executives in all organizations cannot avoid tension, stress and anxiety in their day-to-day work.

Only hardworking, disciplined, punctual and mentally alert executives can survive the work pressures and strike a balance between work life and personal life. They are exposed to stress and tension for long periods which may manifest in the form of many ailments like hypertension, high/low blood pressure, insomnia, depression, backaches, migraine, spondylitis, etc.

This in turn results in overall decrease in the executive's efficiency and productivity; consequently, there is a deterioration of human capital in the organization.

Yoga is the answer for healing Stress among working men and women. This all-in-one formula acts as a soothing agent for the burned-out corporate and is fast growing on the popularity charts. Yoga serves as reviver of mind, body and soul.

The techniques of Yoga comprise of physical postures (asanas), breath expansion and enhancement (pranayama), relaxation and meditation techniques (dhyaan), coupled with philosophy of simple and natural lifestyle management. Yoga enhances the energy of a person and develops a positive attitude. It has been attested by many as a complete all-in- one holistic formula for Stress management.

Thus, realizing this impact many organizations have introduced regular sessions & workshops of yoga according to their employees' requirements.

The word 'Stress' is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as, "a state of affairs involving unusual demand of physical or mental energy".

Stress is a condition or circumstance (not always adverse), which can disturb the normal physiological and psychological functioning of an individual.

In medical parlance, Stress is defined as a perturbation of the body's homeostasis. This demand on mind-body occurs when it tries to cope with incessant changes in life.

A Stress condition seems relative in nature. According to psychologists extremely stressful conditions, are detrimental to human health on the other hand, in moderation stress is normal and in many cases, proves useful.

Stress, nonetheless, is synonymous with negative conditions. Today with the rapid diversification of human activity, we come face to face with numerous causes of stress and the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Basically, Stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources of the individual.

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Teacher's training program

Our first TTC was held in 2008. The next one will be held in Feb 2013. We offer an intensive 100-contact-hours custom-designed train-the-trainer-program for individuals who are interested in teaching yoga.


This course is for those who want to take their practise to a deeper and more meaningful level; or alternatively teach others the yogic science. The aim of this course is to improve the knowledge base and depth of personal practise; and produce inspired yoga teachers who are able to draw on their own experiences and personal practise in imparting the yogic knowledge to others.


  • A historical background of the science
  • The philosophy and aim of yoga
  • The seven stages of knowledge
  • The four paths of yoga
  • The eight limbs of Raja Yoga
  • The absolute and evolution of Prakriti Astral body..and the mysteries of the mind
  • Meditation...what is meditatiom
  • Obstacles to meditation
  • Karma and reincarnation
  • Hatha yoga
  • Yoga for beginners
  • Pranayam...Yogic breathing
  • Mantras...What are they
  • Kriyas
  • Introduction to vedanta
  • Yoga anatomy and physiology
  • Yoga nutrition
  • Patanjali’s yoga sutras....an introduction
  • Practicals on how to conduct classes

Total Course number of hours; 240

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Yoga for Children

Yoga for Children where basic asanas and breathing techniques are taught along with techniques which help to improve concentration skills,improve memory power and help children to use their energy more productively. Classes are designed in a manner so that children enjoy the sessions, as well as gain theoretical and practical knowledge of yogic techniques. If you observe an infant, you will see a good deal of toddler yoga. A sleeping baby inadvertently strikes the ‘Chinmudra’ where the thumb and index finger touch. A six month old baby is frequently found on its back in Bhujangasana (cobra posture). While Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward dog pose) is a perennial favourite with children.

Benefits of Yoga for Children

Why have Childrens Yoga classes?

Unfortunately, it’s not easy being a child these days. Children spend most of their time shunting between homework and school related extra-curricular activities. There’s little time for free play. They face over stimulation; distractions; and academic and peer pressure too early in life. Plus they’re plagued by their own insecurities and fears. Yoga can help children deal with this pressure-cooker environment. And infuse energy and confidence into their personalities. Yoga develops awareness of body, mind and breath. It helps arrest a child’s wandering mind, builds attention span, concentration power, augments imagination and creativity. Yoga also relieves mental and physical fatigue, boosts energy levels and provides deep relaxation. Yogic techniques help overcome negative emotions like jealousy, fear and anger. They fosters a positive self image and increase confidence. Pranayama increases breathing and lung capacity. Asanas strengthen and lengthens different muscles in the body. Yoga encourages healthy food habits; a real blessing for parents who have to deal with picky eaters and junk food addiction

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Meditation brings about a complete transformation in one's energy levels,helps cope with stress and improves overall fitness by inducing a calmer,more positive state of mind and revving up metabolic levels. It brings focus to one's work,improves physical stamina and productivity,and vastly improves the quality of sleep. A background in asanas and pranayama is recommended. We have classes in the morning.

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Advanced Classes

Advanced classes meant for those who have been practicing yoga and desire a more intense practise of postures,breathing and kriyas. We have a batch in the mornings.

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Pranayama Classes

Pranayama classes focus on the theoretical knowledge as well as the practical application of the ancient science of breath control . Learning Pranayam enables a person not only to use an optimal volume of his lung capacity,but also teaches you how to clear blocked energy passages in the physical and psychic persona. Knowing how to breathe right is the key to sustained physical,mental and emotional equilibrium. Modern medical research has proved the indispensable role that yogic breathing techniqes play in alleviating and curing psycho-somatic ailments. Pranayama classes take you through a step-wise curriculum of cleansing and breathing techniques. We have classes in the morning and in the evenings.

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Basic Asana Classes

Where the focus is on cleansing the body,improving muscle tone,gaining strength and suppleness,and also improving flexibility through Asanas (yogic postures) and Kriyas (cleansing techniques}. These classes include a theoretical introduction to Pranayama ( breathing techniques] along with practice of a few basic breathing techniques. We have different batches for adults in the mornings,as well as in the evenings.

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