Our Studio is currently closed for Renovation. However, for enquiries/ programs regarding Stress Management sessions, Corporate Wellness Workshops, Educational Institution Fitness Programs or Free Consultation for NGOs or Govt Institutions, Please contact us at 9860015889.

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Our World

We practice the age old science of yoga in the tradition of Patanjali, where the Ashtanga or Eight-folds path is considered mandatory if the student desires to learn the science in its depth and purity. The eight parts of the science include Yama (or universal commandments), Niyama (or personal disciplines), Asanam (postures), Pranayam (breath control techniques), Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyanam, Samadhi. The last four being the stepwise initiation into meditation or mind control.

Our Philosophy

We believe that yoga is a way of life. yoga is also an exact science. By incorporating a mix of theory and practice in our curriculum, we encourage people to delve deeper into the science so that they may be able to become adept at guiding themselves towards fulfilling their physical, emotional and mental potential. Since learning the right techniques as well as the right applications is crucial to the efficacy of the science, we use a customized approach that ensures individual needs are catered to.

Our amazing Infrastructure!

We offer world class facilities, and an ambience that promotes positive energy and excellence in practice. We have two halls (complete with wooden flooring, yoga mats/preps etc), a library and lounge dedicated to books/CDs on yoga and wellness, audio CDs on yoga (discourses, mantras/chants, meditational music), a café that offers Ayurvedic breakfast, detoxes and juices; also, we offer Ayurvedic massages and therapies where trained professionals give treatments for ailments such as back problems, respiratory & digestive disorders, stress, etc…

Our Credentials

Namrata is a yoga Acharya from the International Sivananda yoga Vedanta Centre headquartered in Quebec, Canada. A Business Management graduate who had earlier worked in the Corporate sector, she has been teaching yoga to individuals and corporates for over a decade and a half. She now runs World of yoga, and conducts stress management programs for corporates and institutions.

Besides, our other teachers are world clss in the training and teaching practices. We use a customized approach that ensures individual needs and catered to.

Contact us:contact@worldofyoga.co.in or call us at:+91 98600 15889, +9177090 66667, 0832-2456876.