Specialised Childrens' Courses

At World of Yoga, we have been conducting specialized Childrens Yoga classes around the year for over one and a half decade. These classes are designed specially keeping the psyche of children in mind; training in yogic techniques is accompanied with imparting theoretical knowledge of the science to children. Workshops, games, stories, etc.. are used to ensure that the atmosphere is full of creativity, positive energy, fun and learning.

Classes teach children how to strengthen their bodies, improve their immune system, as well as learn the art of focus and concentration. This helps improve their performance at their academics, as well as sports and other extra curriculas. Also Pranayama for children greatly helps in curing ailments such as sinusitis, headaches, asthama, sleeplessness, allergies, etc. We also teach children some initial exercises in meditation. This brings down their restlessness, and improves memory and overall intellectual productivity.

Contact us : contact@worldofyoga.co.in or call us at: +91 98600 15889, +9177090 66667, 0832-2456876

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