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Best Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa, India

Yoga Teacher Training Goa

Our objective with this course is to produce qualified and inspiring world class yoga teachers, who can convert their experiences into instruction for others . Teachers Training Course Goa (TTC) is a four week course and is based on the five points of yoga which can be learned as practical application of the vedic four paths of yoga. It is an intense training which imparts theoretical knowledge, physical and dietary discipline and practical training .The curriculum includes instructions in asana ( yoga postures), pranayama (the science of breath control), meditation, mantras recitation, kriyas, yogic philosophy, sanskrit and vedanta.

Yoga Teachers Training Goa Program starting from February 2017.

This course is for those who want to take their practise to a deeper and more meaningful level; or alternatively teach others the yogic science.The aim of this course is to improve the knowledge base and depth of personal practise; and produce inspired yoga teachers who are able to draw on their own experiences and personal practise in imparting the yogic knowledge to others.

A historical background of the science
The philosophy and aim of yoga
The seven stages of knowledge
The four paths of yoga
The eight limbs of Raja Yoga
The absolute and evolution of Prakriti Astral body..and the mysteries of the mind
Meditation...what is meditatiom
Obstacles to meditation
Karma and reincarnation
Hatha yoga
Yoga for beginners
Pranayam...Yogic breathing
Mantras...What are they
Introduction to vedanta
Yoga anatomy and physiology
Yoga nutrition
Patanjali’s yoga sutras....an introduction
Practicals on how to conduct classes

Total Course number of hours; 240

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